hello I'm new to arduino and I need help , will inherit a program arduino one for use analog pressure sensors , this program is good, in fact I implement an undergraduate dissertation defense . I must deploy 12 sensors instead of 6 , but I have problems to adapt the program to arduino due, I appreciate the help before hand . pd: maybe the translation is not good , use google translator because I have trouble writing in English .

arduino program one is the following:

int Sensor0=0; int Sensor1=1; int Sensor2=2; int Sensor3=3; int Sensor4=4; int Sensor5=5; int time=0; int ValorSensor0=0; int ValorSensor1=0; int ValorSensor2=0; int ValorSensor3=0; int ValorSensor4=0; int ValorSensor5=0; void setup(){ Serial.begin(57600); pinMode(Sensor0, INPUT); pinMode(Sensor1, INPUT); pinMode(Sensor2, INPUT); pinMode(Sensor3, INPUT); pinMode(Sensor4, INPUT); pinMode(Sensor5, INPUT); analogReference(EXTERNAL); } void loop(){ ValorSensor0=analogRead(Sensor0); ValorSensor1=analogRead(Sensor1); ValorSensor2=analogRead(Sensor2); ValorSensor3=analogRead(Sensor3); ValorSensor4=analogRead(Sensor4); ValorSensor5=analogRead(Sensor5); time=millis(); Serial.print(time); Serial.print(" "); Serial.print(ValorSensor0); Serial.print(" "); Serial.print(ValorSensor1); Serial.print(" "); Serial.print(ValorSensor2); Serial.print(" "); Serial.print(ValorSensor3); Serial.print(" "); Serial.print(ValorSensor4); Serial.print(" "); Serial.print(ValorSensor5); Serial.println(); }

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1) read the two posts at the top of this forum and follow what is written there 2) format your code using Ctrl-T in the Arduino IDE 3) use the code tags (the '#' character above the text box) to surround your code.

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Does AREF work the same on the Due? The schematic appears to show it hardwired to 3v3 whereas on the Uno it's only connected to AREF on the shield header. If the schematic is correct (and it's been wrong before) nothing you do on the AREF connection will have any effect.

How have you got AREF connected?