S/PDIF to DAC to DC-coupled analog output(s)?


I'm trying to translate digital audio (via the S/PDIF output of an MPC 1000) to analog output(s), preferably 4 mono unbalanced outputs, but even just one stereo TRS output would suffice.

The audio outputs need a 0-5v range (around 16-17 dBu).. (A precise attenuator for the output range would be handy, but it's not necessary.)

The trouble is that I need the outputs to be DC-COUPLED. I can't have any high-pass AC filtering on them.

The Arduino audio shield kits I've seen all boast AC-coupled audio output. Or they at least offer "filtered" DC output. As do the pre-made options I've seen and most DACs on the market.

But I need straight-up DC coupling. I'm using the audio to control synthesizers, which requires DC control voltage.

I am awful at soldering, and I don't enjoy doing it. Sad but true.

However, I don't need ultra high fidelity with this project.

It's just to control some synthesizers using my MPC, and I don't want to shell out $250+ on a fancy cv converter. (I understand the cost of boutique hardware, I don't understand the lack of a cheap alternative.)

I'd be grateful for any/all suggestions.

Heck, I'd be willing to pay someone (a reasonable fee) to do it.

Thanks so much!


You'll need a (20 bit) DAC, best with symmetric power supply (ground between + and -). With DC coupling the supply voltages must be very stable and symmetric, to prevent any DC offset. This means smaller than 1E-6 variation for a 1 bit error. I don't think that this will be possible by any DIY circuit.