s/w lock-up on Vista?


I installed Arduino 011 alpha on a Vista laptop. Everything usually works fine but occasionally while uploading to the Arduino board (Decimila), Windows just locks up & nothing can be done except force a power-off reboot. It only happens about every 20 uploads or so--haven't detected any pattern except it's always during an upload. Has anyone else observed this?

One thing I should mention is that when I plugged the board into the USB for the first time Vista seemed to locate and install the appropriate drivers (two of them) all by itself. The instructions said to download the drivers and point Windows to them, but that didn't appear to be necessary. Maybe that's the issue (wrong drivers)?


Hi Joe,

I experienced the same type of lock-up twice yesterday. I'm also using the "Vista drivers", so maybe switching drivers would help.

Details: Arduino 011 IDE, Decimila Arduino board


Thanks for that info--I suppose this would be hard to debug, because the system completely locks up. Maybe I'll see if there's a work-around (like unplugging/plugging the USB every time or something). I'd hate to mess with the drivers which basically seem to be working.

Weird, I experienced the same thing on OSX 10.3.9, twice - I thought it might have been my machine acting flaky, or that I hadn't pressed reset at the right time or long enough.

Both times, I had to power re-boot to get the USB port working again.

I had what I think is the same problem. I noticed it because my Vista machine would lock up totally (frozen UI requiring a hard power down to recover, not a blue screen crash) when I started sending lots of serial data back from the Arduino to the PC - it would work for a while but lock up after a couple of tens of kbytes of data had been sent back.

In my case it turned out that my original installation had an old driver for the FT232R serial to USB chip on my Diecimelia, I resolved my issues by upgrading to the V2.04.06 drivers from FTDI (available here: VCP Drivers - FTDI)

I also updated to the latest drivers from FTDI, and have not had any problems with any lock up this weekend.