S20 Sonoff : sketch upload


I bought a few S20 smart plugs from Sonoff.
I want to upload my own sketch but I can’t get it work.
I tired the blink sketch but I doesn’t either, the S20 doesn’t seem to start.
As you can see in the attachment, the upload seems to do the job, but the led doesn’t blink.
Any idea to solve this ? Can you check if the config is correct?

konstag’s picture:
When you have Tools > Board > Generic ESP8266 Module selected, LED_BUILTIN is defined as 1. You need to make sure the LED is connected to that pin. If it’s connected to a different pin, then you need to update the sketch to replace all instances of “LED_BUILTIN” with the correct pin number.

Hi Pert,
that problem is solved thanks to you.
I can go on further

You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to help. Enjoy!