Anybody using this S65 shield, and got the SD card working together with the Ethernet Shield? I am having problems reading the SD card. Even the Ethernet init before the S65 did not lead to a result. Is there any way of switching off the Ethernet shield when accessing the SC Card ?

Now that you have posted once, you can include a link to the datasheet in a second post here.

Which SD card do you mean, the one on the ethernet shield or the micro-SD card on the S65 shield?

As I understand from the schematics of the S65 shield, it is using quite a number of Digital Pins of the Arduino:
Pin 4: LCD_RS
Pin 5-7: Rotary Encoder
Pin 8: SD_CS
Pin 12-13: SPI Interface
Analog Input 3: LCD_Reset
Analog Input 2: LCD_CS

The Ethernet Shield however should normally - if I understood right - only use Pins 10-13 (SPI). But I didnt quite see how one could use the SD interface of the Ethernet Shield yet (officially it is “unsupported”).

Hi Siegfried,
i was talking about the SD-Card on the S65 shield. Meanwhile i have solved the problem myself as not all MICRO SD-Cards support the SPI Mode. You will have to test a few. I found some which are working perfect. The wiring on the Watterott board is absolutely correct.
I can also use the SD-Card on the Ethernet shield without problems as this slot can support normal sized SD-Cards. With them there is no SPI Problem. The hack i am using for this card is from a japanese Arduino user.

Viel Erfolg

Hi Starbug, thanks that is interesting information as I was just about to order another micro-SD card to put into the s65 shield. Can you recommend a particular brand that works with the SPI mode? More generally, I also have the Ethernet board and the s65 on the same system, and I am looking for a simple solution to do datalogging of temperature values. Which library would you use, and would you have a recommendation to use either the micro-SD on s65 or the standard SD card on the Ethernet shied? - Regards, Siegfried

Hi Siegfried,
to be honest i would suggest you to use the sd card on the s65 shield. The lib is very good and does its job very good. With the ethernet shield you have to use a different lib such as the SDµFat for example. This is a bit work which you could save. Regarding the sd card i bought a bunch of cards from PEARL and just tested them out. They were quite cheap and 50% of them worked perfect.
I have not yet tried any SDHC card but i have some SanDisk Ultra II SDHC cards which meet the SD-Specification 2.0. I use thes cards for Videorecording as they can write with a speed of 9Mbyte/sec and read with 10Mbyte/sec. Once i have tested them i can give you a note.

Have fun.

Re Starbug – it would indeed be interesting to know which models of MicroSD card you have found that works. I bought a SanDisk 2GB card, and it doesn’t seem to support SPI. None of the microSD card vendors really puts SPI in his ‘feature list’ and I guess choosing a SDHC card won’t help neither…

In general all microSD cards support SPI. Till now I have not found a card that does not support it. I think only a few no-name cards dont have this feature.