Sabertooth Error Indicators

The Error and Status2 lights on my Sabertooth are blinking together, twice every second.

I’m using a Sabertooth 2x25, with a slightly modified version of their “SimpleExample” code.

// Simple Example Sample
// Copyright (c) 2012 Dimension Engineering LLC
// See license.txt for license details.

#include <SabertoothSimplified.h>

SabertoothSimplified ST; // We'll name the Sabertooth object ST.
                         // For how to configure the Sabertooth, see the DIP Switch Wizard for
                         // Be sure to select Simplified Serial Mode for use with this library.
                         // This sample uses a baud rate of 9600.
                         // Connections to make:
                         //   Arduino TX->1  ->  Sabertooth S1
                         //   Arduino GND    ->  Sabertooth 0V
                         //   Arduino VIN    ->  Sabertooth 5V (OPTIONAL, if you want the Sabertooth to power the Arduino)
                         // If you want to use a pin other than TX->1, see the SoftwareSerial example.
void setup()
  SabertoothTXPinSerial.begin(9600); // This is the baud rate you chose with the DIP switches.

void loop()
  ST.motor(1, 127);  // Go forward at full power.

I’ve hooked everything up. The Sabertooth and Arduino are powered, the motor is connected and works fine using pure analog input, the Sabertooth is set to the right mode (switches 1, 3, 5, and 6 are off). The Sabertooth 5V is connected to the Arduino’s Digital TX1, and the Sabertooth’s 0V is connected to the Arduino’s Digital GND.

Is there a table of error indicators somewhere?

Ignore all that... I just needed to connect TX1 to S1, instead of TX1 to 5V

A table of errors would still be nice though, if anyone has one.