Sabertooth motor driver and EMF feedback control using DEScribe

Hello Friends,

I am building an autonomous driven robot using a Sabertooth 2x35 motor controller. I find that when it goes up hill or across grass it slows down and does not hold straight, so I am in need of a feedback control method for each motor's speed. I spent some time playing with a wheel mounted slot counter, but I think that isn't the easiest way...

Dimension Engineering, the maker of the motor controller, includes something called DEScribe software, but I am not completely sure that it is what I need to pursue learning next. It appears to be about setting sensitivities on a joystick. But there is more to it than that.

If you have a similar story, and have successfully read back EMF from the motors for feedback control of the motor speed, then I would greatly appreciate a general project guidance idea from you. Is DEScribe supposed to do what I need? Do I not use DEScribe, but rather code my own PID using the library functions? Do I need also to buy the Kangaroo?

Thanks, Andy