Sabertooth Packetized Serial Library

Hey all,
I’ve been playing around with a Sabertooth 2x5 lately, and figured it’d be useful to make a compact Arduino library to interface with it (and others in the series) using the packetized serial mode, since there don’t appear to be any available on the internet, and using servo PPM is not desirable in terms of CPU load. Feedback would be greatly appreciated =).

Install as you would any other library, and construct it with

#include "Sabertooth.h"
Sabertooth m(ADDRESS, PIN);

You can make the motors move with

m.setSpeed(leftspeed, rightspeed); (48.4 KB)

dled library copied and pasted example code over says sabertooth does not name a type... what next?

Replace the WProgram.h in the file Sabertooth.h with Arduino.h, and it should work.