safari crash


I think arduino website has been hack, because my safari browser was crashing last week.
I can see some ad popups were opened automaticly.
I think it is fixed by arduino team, because there is no problem today.

I have safari last version.

Do you think i should re install my mac ?
I do not know what was really doing malicious code but is there a risk for my computer ?

Does anyone managed to catch the malicious payload ?


There is information on the hack here and in the included links:

I'm no expert in these things but I'd expect as long as you didn't download and run anything from the redirected pages you should be fine. You will see them try things like "Urgent browser update!" to try to get you to download and install something without thinking about it first. If you ever do something like that then you very likely have installed some sort of malware.

This hack seemed to be mostly focused on redirecting users to advertising sites that pay for every visitor but it's possible there may have been more malicious things attempted also. I do remember one person posting a screenshot of something that was trying to get them to download something.

I see you received a similar response to your other post: