Safari issues with discourse?

I have been having issues since a few days with the layout refresh of the web site after posting

my avatar and the sandwich popup menu icon no longer go to the top right and I get an overlay in the wrong position. a refresh of the page fixes things, but it's annoying.

anyone seeing this?

No but I am in dark mode.

What browser and OS are you using? I'd like to try to recreate the error.

I'm using Safari Version 15.0 on a Mac (Catalina).

I love Macs. They are incredibly easy to use and great for multimedia pros, but Safari is notoriously behind the pack when it comes to HTML 5, especially when CSS is used for fluid layouts, like the forum software. I would have expected you to have seen it earlier but it is probably a bug picked up in your last Safari update.

Considering Apple is a member of WHATWG it is really a bad showing on their part.
Easiest way to fix it is to switch browsers.

No problems here with macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) and Chrome :wink:


I won't switch browser over this. I like the convenience of Safari and close integration with the hardware (security, privacy and battery life).

Also as it displays fine most of the time it's not an issue of unsupported CSS features.

and I would not call that "notoriously behind" but more prioritising development of some features.

Of course you're free to use whatever browser that you like, but as general advise to anyone experiencing this issue, changing to a browser that's currently and historically more compatible with HTML 5 is the solution to this problem, regardless of product affinity.

And I'd have to disagree, notorious is apt when a mainstream company is known for being behind in a technological standard that they have a part in developing, yet charges a premium anyway. That being said, my first paragraph is fact and my second paragraph is opinion and should be taken as such.

Yet to be clarified if this is the problem and not a Discourse bug that does not show in other browsers — it would not be the first time webkit is doing the right thing and Blink or Gecko is not :wink:

And if it's a CSS feature support issue, given that I'm using a mainstream product, I would expect the software to take into account webkit/Apple being behind the curve. (I know I expect a lot !)

My fundamental problem here is that too many browser have been switching to Blink, giving Google more controls over the browser market. Add to this that Google also controls the search market and that's the perfect recipe for abuse - which they have done in the past (read Why You Shouldn’t Use Google Chrome After New Privacy Disclosure)...

more a discussion for the Bar Sport category I guess...

Agreed, and it would be an interesting discussion that I'd like to take part in.

It's your own fault for using such a fancy cutting edge browser :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It works just fine with my version of Safari (Version 13.1.2 (13609.



actually I noticed that it's jumping back and forth between the right and wrong position as I scroll up and down and the top bar's content appears or not

might be more of an issue with the Arduino menu bar / wrapping

There was an interesting article recently about how far back Safari is holding the browsers as a whole because of the lack of development.

Moved as requested.

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Thank you. This should get more attention this way.

On a related note.
Wife was given a Iphone (recent model) so she could stay in touch with her sister on facetime (or whatever it is) as it is easier for her sister to use than the other messaging apps. Her sister had a serious stroke recently so is limited in movement and speech.

She tried to load some of her banking apps and other things that she used on her android only to get various messages about incompatibility.

Normally I would not even allow a I-device in the house as they cost to much to run and maintain but given the circumstances this was an exception.

Short story is she had to get an extra SIM just for the i-phone to use a single app and has reverted back to her android phone for daily usage.

No browser left behind. I don't find that reasonable.

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Sorry about her health issues.

I had a gen 1 iPad with all of my apps working on it, gmail, banking, the like. Apple locked the screen, forced an update, and all of my apps no longer worked. They bricked it on purpose. :angry:

I still love their primary computer products and I look forward to putting their new ARM processors through their paces.

Also looking forward to the ARM's race. but not for apple devices.
There are plans afoot for the PC market too !
More the advanced SBC stuff for now but other things in the pipeline :wink: