Safe way to power very many ws2812bs (Neopixels)

So till now I've powered my Neopixels with something like this. But right now I'm starting many new projects and I'd need at least 40A (Better even a bit more for future projects).

Spending money on many 10A Supplys doesn't seem smart, so I was searching for a 60A Supply and only found this kind of supply. The problem is I'm not really experienced with electronics and mains power.

So apparently I'd connect that thing by cutting open a power chord and screwing it in right? It seems kind of unsafe to me, my room is very small and I feel like no matter where I place it, something could accidentally touch it.

Do those exist with an enclosure? (Or better with a mains power plug connector) Can I alternatively 3D print an enclosure for one and call it safe? And can you recommend a specific power supply? Does the price matter? (Amazon prices range 15€ - 35€)

Given that you use a three-wire mains cord which includes a ground wire, correctly connected to the "earth" terminal on the power supply, you only need to enclose the end of the power supply where the cables connect - and provide anchoring for the cables to that enclosure which is fixed to the power supply.

You must also ensure that it is not possible for the ventilation openings on the power supply to ever be covered.

Mounting it well up on a wall would be a good way of avoiding things covering it! :grinning: