Safely assembling my project


I am new to electronics, and am looking toward assembling my first project. I will be using a 220v to 24v converter, so part of my project will be high voltage.

I know I must earth my project case itself, and intend to use an IEC Appliance Inlet (or similar), but i don't know what else I need to consider, other than to try to cover all bare wires as much as possible. How do i go about physically separating high voltage components from low, do I need to?

This is for my personal use.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


24V is considered low voltage and generally safe to touch (albeit possibly not too comfortable).

Heat may be a consideration, depending on what you do.

Electric interference (from motors or whatever is on the 24V side) messing up with your 3.3V or 5V part of the system.

Proper buck converter for 24V to 5V/3.3V - don’t use a linear regulator or you will have a serious heat problem.

Keep wires tidy. Label connectors.