Sainsmart 1.8 TFT Duemilanove - White screen

I'm having the same problem as noted in the topic at but I thought I'd repost it in English as the answer there has not solved my issue.

I'm wired up as defined in the code portion below. When I upload, all looks fine, but I have nothing but a bright white screen. The same happens when I try the other demos from Sainsmart. I can't figure out what's wrong here.

// If we are using the hardware SPI interface, these are the pins (for future ref)

define sclk 13

define mosi 11

// You can also just connect the reset pin to +5V (we do a software reset)

define rst 8

// these pins are required

define cs 10

define dc 9

// Color definitions

define BLACK 0x0000

define BLUE 0x001F

define RED 0xF800

define GREEN 0x07E0

define CYAN 0x07FF

define MAGENTA 0xF81F

define YELLOW 0xFFE0

define WHITE 0xFFFF

// to draw images from the SD card, we will share the hardware SPI interface ST7735 tft = ST7735(cs, dc, rst);

// For Arduino Uno/Duemilanove, etc // connect the SD card with MOSI going to pin 11, MISO going to pin 12 and SCK going to pin 13 (standard) // Then pin 4 goes to CS (or whatever you have set up)

define SD_CS 4 // Set the chip select line to whatever you use (4 doesnt conflict with the library)

I have no idea about your screen, however there is a problem:

ST7735 tft = ST7735(cs, dc, rst);

You are creating a temporary ‘ST7735’ object, then attempt to initialise another ‘ST7735’ with it. I don’t think the library supports a copy constructor, or even an assignment operator ( probably not a class suitable for copying ).

What you want to do is simply initialise an ‘ST7735’ object:

ST7735 tft(cs, dc, rst);