Sainsmart 1.8 tft w/sd reader

The sainsmart 1.8 inch lcd contains the sda/scl and cs lines but it claims to be an spi interface. To me it looks more like an i2c interface, see link.

i2c primer

a better spi bus

On the SD card side of the board there are miso/mosi/clk and cs pins and that looks like a an spi bus. But I don't see anywhere on sainsmarts website that they have dual bus on the board, meaning the lcd operates on i2c (or spi) and the SD on spi (or whatever the f).

What I know is that I can get the lcd working using the code from the sample locate here but not the SD side.

  • What is the difference between the SD and lcd side of the card?
  • Are they different busses?
  • Are they chainable? How?

Update, I found this but it doesn't explain terminating. I get chaining in one of the buses, but I don't get terminating. I might get it all by the time someone replies to my post.