Sainsmart 3.2 TFT Touch not working after restart

Sorry to bring up another sainsmart issue topic again, but i’m kind of struggling.

I’ve got a Sainsmart 3.2 TFT Display, i can write a sketch for it and get it to execute the program perfectly, but when I unplug the USB and plug it back in, or restart my computer (anything which turns power to the arduino off and then back on) the display works, but the touch functions do not.

I know that the same topic has been discussed here but i cannot see a resolution anywhere.

I’ve attached my code as a file, it’s too long to post in the message.

I’m a mechanical technician by trade, not a programmer, so please bare with me :roll_eyes:

If anyone can help it’d be greatly appreciated.



P.S This is to further my RC Lawnmower project, some videos of it’s progress are here.

Proof of concept – Radio Controlled (RC) Lawnmower Concept Test - YouTube
Deck control prototype – Radio Controlled (RC) Lawnmower Deck Test - YouTube

lawnmower_1.1.ino (11.5 KB)

Same here. Been searching forever for a fix. Did you ever find one?