Sainsmart 5.0" TFT LCD with CTE TFT LCD/SD Shield for Arduino Mega

Hi everyone, I'm having some issues with this TFT from sainsmart. I unfortunately was not aware at the time of purchase that Sainsmart was using UTFT commercially unlicensed and I regret buying from them. However it is too late to return my product and I am stuck with a screen and shield which I have no support on.

Could someone direct me to a place where I can get libraries that work for my TFT and shield combo? I have been searching the forums and no one else seems to have my exact issue.

I have installed the TFT library along with the UTFT and URTouch libraries, but they do not work with the screen i have.

The only number on the back of the 5 inch screen I have is TFT050TN, which doesn't seem to have any documentation.

I just would like to get this to run any of the sample codes provided with the TFT libraries so I can begin tweaking that code to my own advantages. Any help would be much appreciated.


  • scungilli