SainSmart CNC 3018 PROVER - ESTLCAM und GRBL

Dear Forum,
I just bought a CNC from SainSmart 3018 PROVER.
Initially, I installed the GRBL 1.1f.20170801on the "all in one board" (I guess it is an Arduino Uno, but actually, can't find any names or IDs on the board).

It worked and used Candle 2 to do my first steps. Same with EASLE and produced my first carving sign with success. After some readings, I decided to switch to ESTLCAM and installed via the program itself the latest version 11,235_b_32 on it. Again with some small projects via Fusion 360 I managed to do litte carvings.

Today, I switched on my PC and started ESTLCAM and received the message:
"COM3 not available - cable properly connected?" I checked the COM-Port in the Control section (still COM3 and as machine GRBL 0.9-1.1 south PWM).

Hardware: I find within the serial interface COM3 with CH340. Within the serial interfaces the PC confirms that COM3 is properly working. In addition I checked and tried a different USB cable just to make sure.

After that, I switched to the Offline Controller (before plugged out the USB cable) and was not able to move the machine in any direction.

So I decided to re-install the GRBL1.1f via ESTLCAM without success. Also via Arduino I tried to re-install the GRBL script onto the board - getting the following error message: error while upload of the sketch - "not in sync resp=0xb8"

Can you help a "greenhorn" with some advice on what to do next? Did I manage to crash my board?
Thanks for your help!

Best regards,

I find it better to install GRBL via the IDE myself.

But before you try that make sure you disconnect everything except the USB.
Make sure the USB cable is FULLY inserted and that the cable itself also works with something else (maybe another Arduino).

As you are mentioning COM ports I will assume you are using windows of some flavour ?

Can you also add a link to the board you have ?

Could you also take a few moments to Learn How To Use The Forum which you bypassed on the way in.

Other general help and troubleshooting advice can be found here.
It will help you get the best out of the forum in the future.

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