SainSmart Touch Display - Arduino Mega 2560


I have a SainSmart 3.,2" Touch Display, which I like to connect to my Arduino Mega 2560. That is this one: 3.2" TFT LCD Touch Screen with SD slot for Arduino and Raspberry Pi –

How can I connect it to the Arduino Mega 2560? I didn't find any Pin Diagram where I can look at which pins to connect. I don't want to use the connector shield, because it should be placed on another place, than the arduino base unit. Therefore I want to use direct wire.

Can anyone tell me, which ports I will have to connect?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards.

Here's the raw pinouts:

Here's the TFT pinouts, with a guy connecting it to a UNO:

That being said, are you sure you don't want to use the connector shield that comes with it? You could run wires from your Mega to the connector shield, and not have to worry about the pinouts. Just connect up all the connector shield pins to their location on the Mega.

Thank you!

Yes, I want to use it without the adapter shield. The cases, I want to use are not big enough :frowning: