Sainsmart touch screen. Only displays white??

I purchase a tft shield and 5 inch touch screen from sainsmart. I plugged it into my arduino mega r3 and it has a white screen. I download the libraries. Or the libraries I thought it should be. No matter what I do, its just a white screen. Please help I’m new to this…

What TFT shield are you using and what code?

I had this on mine, (but I am a complete novice). I was using the UTFT library and code and you have to make sure that the controller on the control board matches that in the code.

UTFT myGLCD(ILI9481,38,39,40,41);

The ILI9481 part is the controller. My one lit up white (backlight was on) but couldn't get anything displayed until this was right.

*** I am a complete novice though and thought it might be something simple like this ***

mcooprid: I purchase a tft shield and 5 inch touch screen from sainsmart.

OOPS!!! Bad move, send it back get a refund and then get a decent one from here.

It will work properly as expected and everything!! ;) :P



Sainsmart is not a very supportive company, but their products are cheap and you should be able to get yours to work, probably by changing the line mentioned by Stevelondon. I was able to get my Sainsmart to work successfully, but don't have it here to look into this.

It all depends on what shield you bought. I bought the Sainsmart 3.2" TFT with shield for the UNO and I had to re-write the libraries since there wasn't anything that matched my setup.

I also have a new 5" LCD TFT touch screen display + LCD TFT shield + Mega2560 from Sainsmart.
Using UTFT Library and making this mod to the UTFT_Demo_800_400 example, mine works fine.

“UTFT myGLCD(CTE50,38,39,40,41);”

Note … my controller chip is the SSD1963 - you may have to check on the sainsmart site what you have.