SainSmart WiFi Shield doesnt work


i need help :slight_smile: ive bought the SainSmart WiFi Shield, but i never been able to use it :frowning:

Ok, i can get the WIZSmartScript, and configure to access my route, my other pcs can ping the damn thing....

But what i need, is just put it in arduino, and transmit some sensors data to a website, simple webclient stuff..

i tried the GitHub - Wiznet/WizFiShield: Wi-Fi Shield for Arduino

but every example gives me the sync data timeout :frowning:

Any ideias please? Im stuck :frowning:

From my reading of "SainSmart WiFi shield.pdf" it looks like the shield only provides a Telnet server at the Arduino. You connect to the server using a Telnet client (like Putty) and you can then send and receive serial data.

If that is true, your Arduino can't make outgoing connections. It can only receive and send serial data.