Saleae logic probe, version 27 Beta

For those of you who have a Saleae logic probe I just downloaded version 27 beta release.
There are many new features since Version 15.

See this first:

Download is here:

I have no connection to Saleae

I got it recently, the old software was great, the new one is even greater (although I've just played in demo mode so far).

Interesting about the limitations under USB 2 though, I planned to buy a PRO 16 but no point if it's just going to be an 8 on my computer.


I am very impressed with the changes since 15.

Yeah they have really made some improvements, I love that you can move the channels around, the new measurement options etc etc.

Just a bummer about that 16 Pro on USB 2, that really puts my plans for a new LA on hold. I still have my original Logic but I like the new hardware features, especially the analog, it's slow but good for sensors etc I think.


The logic16 works great with version 27.
I think the $499 is a bit steep just to have analog even at probe 500MS/s, to bad they're dropping the older versions.
For analog, might want to look at a Rigol scope tho

The logic16 works great with version 27.

Yeah, I can continue to use my existing Logic, but upgrading to a Pro16 would have been nice and according to that link you posted before, you lose sample speed and half the channels on the 16 Pro if you run it on USB2 which is all I have.

As you say though the analog is too slow for serious work anyway and you need a scope as well, I’m looking into a Siglent SDS2074 or 2104 or even 2204. My favourite used to be the Rigol 2000 series but I think I’m leaning towards the Siglents now.

So maybe the best thing to do is keep my existing Logic for comms decoding and get the scope for fast hardware debugging.

Having analog in the same gadget is nice, but both the Siglent and the Rigol have a trigger output so I can still cross trigger to get an LA trace based on an analog event. Heck the Siglent can also do 8 channels of LA with an adapter.


So maybe the best thing to do is keep my existing Logic for comms decoding and get the scope for fast hardware debugging.

That's what I did.
Looked at getting a MSO but it made more sense to get a 4 channel scope and use my existing Saleae logic16 for logic stuff.
I decided on a DSO, protocol was going to be $600 each for RS232 and SPI so the Saleae was far, far more cost effective.

Update on the Logic16 and USB2, apparently (information is conflicting) you only lose 8 analogue channels on USB2, you still get 16 digital channels.

I'm awaiting some input from their (so-called) forum.


Version 27 (quite stable) it is a big advancement over version 25 etc.

If you need to go back to version 15 they will send you a version that does not have to be installed, therefore you can run either 27 or 15 as needed.

Jeez I've only go 24, I can't keep up :slight_smile:


25 and I assume 24 had a problem when you went to the 5 volt setting.

Has anyone tested to see if the new version still works with the cheap chinese clones?

Check out GWInstek scopes as well. I have GDS-2204A and am very pleased with it.

Yeah I know you've been very happy with that scope.

I just looked at the specs, pretty nice although there's no trigger out and the sample depth is pretty short (2Msps), I dunno if that's an issue in the real world or not.

I can't see if the sample rate drops for 2 and 4 channels, do you know about that? The data sheet says "max 2Gsps" so I assume it drops for more channels.


Normally, you use one channel for looking at timing, glitches, shape and then multiple channels for relationship between things.
So a high sample rate for a single channel is reasonable and lower sampling for multiple channels is acceptable.