Salinity sensor!

Hi guys, I have a project and I need measure concentration of salinity in water. I bought a sensor in Japan. It is CDPB-03 sensor. You can search to see it. But I dont sure that it can measure concentration of salinity. SO, if you know some information about it, please give me. Thanks you very much!

P/S: If you know any sensor which can measure concentration of salinity in water and it's circuit. You also give me. Thanks you for everything!


That sensor is a conductivity sensor made out of carbon. When there are no other special conductive ingredients in the water, it will work. But I can't find how to connect that specific sensor to the Arduino.

In the past I have taken the carbon rods out of carbon-zinc batteries, to experiment with water and salt and electrolysis. Metals react with a many chemicals, but carbon didn't react with anything.

This is about a sensor that outputs a voltage between 0V and 5V : This thread has a many links to sensors :

Sparkfun sell a kit : I think you need a circuit like the kit from Sparkfun for accurate results.

Thanks you very much, I'm new about this field. Can you give some experience when processing the signal of this sensor?