Salvaged LCD from an HTC slide phone

Ok so yes I am new to this community and to the arduino so please do not bite my head off for asking such a question. So first things first to any and all that contribute their knowledge thank you up front.

I received a old phone from a friend who didnt want / need it any longer. An ATT HTC 8525. since this didnt work I decided to part it out saving the cam module, the LCD and a few other pieces. I couldnt see wasting a possibly good touch screen ? Any ideas as to tell how this could be checked for functionality first off so I dont waste time with a possible faulty part.

So in my research I was able to take the numbers from the back of it as follows:

P/N 60H0037-01M

found out that this is manufactured by a company called Toppoly their part number as follows :


Datasheet here

I am wanting to know if this is something that could be used or if I am reaching way outside the box here. There appear to be a HUGE number of connections, 61 to be exact ???

So any takers, ideas on if and how, what if anything I should be considering ?

The display looks like it requires a whole lot of things going on before it can work. I doubt it can be done without a lot of difficulty.

You can use the toucscreen thoug (without the display under it).

The touch screen is a standard 4 wire resistive touchpad, that many people have interfaced with arduino.

Touch screens are easy to use...


The LCD itself, almost impossible without a hell of a lot of know how...


Thanks all, I just didnt want to bite off more that I could handle to be sure so I will seperate the touchpad from the LCD then and pass on making it function to be sure if it is that complicated. Any recomendations on a lcd that would fit that touchpad ??

Any recomendations on a lcd that would fit that touchpad ??

Umm, I have not seen one for arduino that will. I would recommend not trying to find an LCD to fit it because I doubt you will find one, you could find one that is smaller and stick it all in a case and nobody would know, or you could use it for sliders/virtual buttons etc as shown (not very well) in my old project that I linked to.

People have used them with LED matrices before, you could make a custom one to fit it. 8-)


LOL that would be a ways off for me being new, not that I wouldn't mind trying something with it to be sure... Just not experienced with all this yet.