SAMD21 encrypted firmware

Hi all,

I'am working on SAMD21 and now I'd like to implement the possibility to encrypted my firmware. I googled but I didn't find any good results, is it possible to do this with an SAMD21? Is anyone have a doc or a tutorial where I can learned how to developped this ?

I am not aware of hardware baked encryption available for the firmware on the SAMD21.

what are you trying to achieve - secure boot/update or protect your IP?

May be this note can help

Thanks for the pdf, what I'd like to do is described in your pdf p.36

One program tool is used to transfer the firmware between a PC and the bootloader. The other one is necessary to encrypt the firmware before sending it

So I'll search if I find the same doc dor SAM21 beceause the pdf is for SAM3/4

Do you know where I can find source code described in p36 for example implementation, I've searched on google but I didn't find any download link.

as I said, I don't think this is a capability of the SAMD21

what's described on page 6 is the generic principle

Sorry typo error p36 :grimacing:

Have you looked on the Microchip website. This is a link to the web page for "AT02333: Safe and Secure Bootloader Implementation for SAM3/4". The second link (below the app note) is to a zip file that may contain the files you are looking for.

yes thanks @markd833 this is what I'm looking for :grinning:

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