SAMD21 Mini RobotDyn board drives me crazy.

Is the wiring diagram correct?

If you start counting at pin 1 and count counter-clockwise, then you get Vin, Gnd etc.
If you compare this with the circuit diagram (IO-Unit), then Pin6 is SCL.
In the board layout however, it is A4.
Something is wrong there?
Does anyone have experience with this board?

Hi rsardu,

Something is wrong there?

Yes, it looks like on the schematic, connectors P2 and P3 bear absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the actual board silkscreen :o.

Have you tried testing by outputting signals on some of the pins? I would hazard a guess that the board is correct and the schematic is wrong.

By the way, the microcontroller port pin (PA00, PA01, PA02, etc…) to Arduino pin (D0, D1, D2, etc…) mapping on the Robotdyn SAMD21-Mini matches that of the Arduino Zero. I’ve attached the original Atmel Arduino Zero schematic, as it’s so much easier to read than Arduino’s latest one.

Also, I just had to laugh at the Robodyn’s “Beware of Counterfeit” webpage: Beware of Counterfeits!. It looks like their worried about audacious counterfeiters cloning their clone boards.

Arduino-Zero-schematic.pdf (779 KB)

Martin, thanks for the schematic. I didn't even know that Atmel publishes something like that. I don't understand why Robotdyn offers such incorrect documents on their official pages. The cloner is becoming more and more successful and is now afraid of being eaten by smaller cloners.

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