SamD51 bootloader?

Hello i bought the adafruit M4 grand centeral board which uses the SamD51 processor. The problem for me is using it on arduino it works great. However if i hit the reset button twice it pops up a HID mass stroage device in my windows. Does anyone know of a way to disable it or have a Arduino bootloader for this that doesn't do this?


I doubt anyone can answer it any better than the answer you received on the Adafruit support forum. Programming the metro M4 grand centeral with arduino ide - adafruit industries

Perhaps don't press the reset button twice in succession? :slight_smile:

I’m trying to stop that problem. Maybe there is a arduino boot loader version out there for the samd51 that doesn’t mouth it as a mass storage device. If I can’t disable it.


If I'm not mistaken, that's is the normal behavior. Those SAMD51 need to press reset twice so they get into programming mode, this way you can upload your code to them.

Sparkfun SAMD ThingPlus had the same feature, so I assume that this is related to the processor, not Adafruit's or Sparkfun's fault.

Hello, I see so that means I might be stuck with it then. :frowning:


What is the "problem"?

My Main problem is on the adafruit grand central m4 board i have has a reset function if you hit the reset twice it pops up As a mass stroage device. I would love to disable that. It's not really a problem for me but more of a annoying thing really. Plus i don't need anything that is a mass storage.


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