SAMD51 Interrupt Tutorial sought.


For days and days, I’ve searched for the SAMD-equivalent of this most excellent article of Arduino Interrupts and how to use them.

By studying this tutorial, learning to set up and use interrupts extensively in many of my projects has been fun. Terrific stuff, and the article… very much appreciated.

Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Enter the SAMD51, my pretty. If such a tutorial (or anything even close), exists, I sure haven’t been able to find it. So, if you’ve run across the same challenge but were able to find help, I could sure use a vector. I’ve searched for about a week for a single example to study that sets up just a single EXTERNAL Interrupt on say an Itsy Bitsy M4 (SAMD51). Disecting libraries and datasheet (or at least attempting to do so) isn’t working. Whereas I’m able to easily write and implement such code for a Pro-Mini and 328 boards in general, I am coming to realize that the SAMD51 dev boards are a different beast entirely - for the “pros”, so to speak. As a hobbiest, I sure do like the 120 Mhz cpu speed for SPI TFT displays though. Impressive.


Solved. The sleeping with the 1100-page+ datasheet for the SAMD51 provided the tutorial I was seeking.