Samd51 micro controller?

Hello i was wondering if there support for the samd51? I see a lot of talk in the forums.

Hi josephchrzempiec,

Adafruit are using the SAMD51 primarily to run CircuitPython, but it's also compatible with the Arduino IDE. Adafruit are likely to support it in their libraries in the future, as they've invested time and effort in creating the core code, but it probably won't be as widely supported as the SAMD21 for some time.

The SAMD51 is a really nice microcontroller though, similar to the SAMD21 in many respects, in fact their peripheral registers are so similar that if you can program one, you can program the other.

Hardware-wise the SAMD51 pretty much out performs the SAMD21 in every department, faster (120MHz vs 48MHz) with a single precision Floating Point Unit (FPU), more memory, more peripherals, more DMA channels, etc...

Also Cortex-M4 rather than M0+, which makes more of a difference than you might think. (Mostly in code size, so it might be irrelevant.)

Beware, however, that the hw float support is for 32bit floats only, while the arm compiler throws doubles around by default. If you want to take advantage of the hwfp, you have to be a bi t careful.. having hwfloat doesn’t seem To do you much good when everything else usesmdoublies

Hello all thank you for the information I'm not sure what i will be doing with this chip. Because it is the Adafruit Metro board that has this D51 chip in it. Also i have picked up a D11 develop board which I'm looking into also. So maybe sometime in the future i will figure out what i would like to do with this D51 and the D11 boards.

But i think i have a good project coming for the future on these boards.

The ATSAMD51P20A is a good replacement for DUE's SAM3X8E microprocessor.

Hoping someday we see powerful microcontrollers that support MIPI-DSI (or perhaps MIPI-DSI-2) and even MIPI-Touch... But MIPI-Touch also brings along with it having to adopt I3C (improved I2C) host controllers and interfaces.

I don't see any support for MicroChips (atmel) Periferial Touch Controller or QTouch Libraires for Arduino. So who knows if it will every catch as it is proprietary...

I mean we see SDIO / SD-CARD / EMMC supported directly by microcontrollers so who knows?

If we could see 1GB Ethernet, BLE and 802.11ac wifi supported directly by microcontrollers that would be awesome.

Yeah, I know... I feel like I type this same thing somewhere every 6 months.

Love the idea of all of this integrated on a Microcontroller and using it all as baremetal through c/c++…

Hello i know this is a old post of mine. But i was wondering if has anyone done anything with ethernet to the m4 d51 board?

Could we even use the same library's for it? I have a 5100, 5200, and even a 550io which is the 5500 ethernet shields?