SAMD51J19A-MU with Arduino SAMD CORE

Hi Everyone,

I am inquiring about using the SAMD51J19A-MU with the Arduino SAMD Core for my DIY flight-controller. I am wondering what modifications I will need to make in order to get my SAMD51 working with the Arduino SAMD Core.

Q1: What changes will I need to make in the makefile and board_definitions file in the boot-loader file system before I recompile the bootloader with make.

Q2: What changes will I need to make in the Arduino SAMD library with the variants, boards.txt, etc?

Also, is there any other changes or helpful tips I should know of? I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.

use the Adafruit SAMD core. it supports D51.

and maybe this will help too samd21g - Adding a custom board to the Arduino IDE - Arduino Stack Exchange