Same project different approach, I have to redo the whac a LED project

You also (in your original code) have ; at the end of if()s

When I put these serial prints in, I get about 350 or so for all of those analogRead()s regardless of what I do with the button (pressed or not).

S0 = analogRead(12);
S1 = analogRead(8);
S2 = analogRead(7);
S3 = analogRead(4);
Serial.print(S0); Serial.print(" ");
Serial.print(S1); Serial.print(" ");
Serial.print(S2); Serial.print(" ");
Serial.println(S3); //for me these all give about 350, pressed or not

Those are always HIGH then, so all of your tests for LOW are going to fail.

while ((S0 == LOW) && (S1 == LOW) && (S2 == LOW) && (S3 == LOW))

What's your current code? Have you done away with those analogRead()s on digital pins yet?

A better image:


Tom.... :slight_smile:

I like the test probe hook.

Just yesterday I had to find an empty ground socket on an Uno to hook up the 'scope ground.

So analogRead is pointless? Gotcha i will remove that soo as I get home thanks.