sampling multiple load cells

I'm in the process of checking feasibility of a project.
I would need to read out values of different (up to 8) small load cells (this type: Micro Load Cell (0-5kg) - CZL635 - 3133_0 at Phidgets) at once; with different loads.
I have read several posts here and articles on the Internet on how to do this with one load cell, micro volt amplifier and an Arduino board. But is this also possible for several load cells ==> all connected to one arduino board ==> one connection to a computer for processing.
For this to work, it would also be necessary to assign some sort of id to the different load cells so they can be calibrated and read out correctly.

thanks for your input,

Since some Arduinos have 8 analog inputs, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem to connect 8 microvolt amplifiers, right? Just build the circuit 8 times.

When you want some more accuracy, I recommend you to take a look at this:

I am working on something that might be of interest. The idea is to network the load cells on Modbus TCP ethernet.
I have a Arduino Nano using an Hx711 for input. I am wanting to do the A/D conversion at the load cell and keep the electrical noise down.

I also came across this