Samsung AirCo, IRremote lib and Arduino

Hi all,

the aim is to control my Samsung AirCo with Arduino. I'm using an Arduino uno + TSOP4838 + IRremote library to decode the signal coming from the IR remote of the AirCo. I did a test with the TV remote and the IRrecvDumpV2 sketch. It worked very well (E0E040BF (32 bits)). I can turn on/off my TV using a IR led.

Now, I know that IR codes from air conditioner are longer, so the first thing a I did was to increase the size of the buffer (RAWBUF) to 190. The output is this (edited, just relevant parts):

Encoding : SANYO Code : FFFFFFFF (0 bits) unsigned int rawData[115] = {500,550, 550,1500,...}

As you can see, the output is composed of 115 intervals (or at least this is what I think they are...). 1) Why do I read --> Code : FFFFFFFF (0 bits) ? Is it because I have more than 32 bits?

I tried to copy/paste the raw code in the Sendraw sketch of the IRremote lib. It doesn't work and I don't know why. I guess it has something to do with the lenght of the code and size of variables defined somewhere in the library. I'm not a programmer so: does anyone ever faced a similar problem and maybe can give me a help?

Thanks a lot in advance to all the community!