SAMSUNG clock TFT240k.

Today i made the clock, it looks like that:

i want make audio voice clock, each hour clock will speak to notification clock?
How can i do it?

I've used these modules to give audio warnings based on analysis of telemetry values (battery level, altitude, G force etc) sent back from a Radio Controlled model.

To use the module, you record the individual spoken words (numbers etc) as files on the SD card then a simple serial message from the Arduino tells them to play.

I found it best to crop the words with a fade in/out time and then measure the playing duration with some free Windows Audio processing software. The Arduino can then start each word playing and use the time value to decide when to start the next word. As the module plays various sound formats you can wake up to your favorite tune :slight_smile:

More recently I wrote a simple App for a mobile phone using the online MIT App inventor. This receives simple ASCII text strings like "Hello World" over Bluetooth from an Arduino and the phone then speaks the message. At the end of speaking the message the phone then sends "?" back to the Arduino so it knows when it can send the next string. It seems to cope with English text messages quite well.