Samsung Galaxy Tab+Arduino Mega ADK has issue, Tab+Google ADK works OK


I tried my hands on Samsung Galaxy Tablet + Google ADK, the Demo application worked smooth. When I try Samsung Galaxy Tablet + Arduino Mega ADK, the Demo application still tells me connect the kit, although I have already connected the Arduino Mega ADK board to it.

Based on my brief search, I found that Vendor & Product ID play an important role in recognition of the ADKs, can that be a reason in my case?

Please help.

Thank you in advance, thecottonsilk

Just an update: I could make the Arduino board work with Samsung Galaxy Tab. So let me mark this query 'SORTED'.

Thank you, Mohan

could you give more information about you do it I can't connect to my samsung tab 10.1 and I need to connect to ADK...


Please how did you sort it? Was it just a case of vendor product ID codes like I found with my sony? (documented on my wordpress blog!)