San Antonio anyone?

I'm moving to San Antonio next month and I'm hoping to find some folks interested in hobbyist electronics, arduino, physical computing, autonomous robots... you get my point.

I'd love to hear about any groups in the area that you may know about, or just meet some people in the area who share the hobby.

Thanks, Tim

Hey there, I live in San Antonio and just ordered my first Arduino and would love to a group together. Let me know if you want together some time.


Hey guys not in San Antonio but I get there from time to time. Currently in round rock area. I too have just ordered my 1st Arduino last week.

Sounds like we might have the makings of a group in town…

Hey guys,

Sorry that it's taken me so long to respond. I'm in San Anton now, though haven't gotten moved into a home yet. (Two more weeks)

There was another member of this forum who sent me a PM. So that makes four of us. And I noticed a fifth person looking for San Antonio people on the makezine blog.

I am sending PMs to both of you with more information and ways to contact me. Tim

cool.. looks like we might be able to get this off the ground. Now I just need to figure out what the heck an Arduino is... ;)

This should be great... looking forward to meeting you all and getting something started. By the way, you can check out my latest project here: Yep, I'm one of those guys...

I'm in San Antonio, just got my first Arduino have been playing with it connected to my whole house energy use monitor.

But I have been wanting to build a segway style system out of an electronic scooter I have... would be a fun weekend (err several weekends) project


Sounds fantastic. I've had a guilty fantasy about building a diy segway myself. I'm in!

I will send you an private message with my contact info.


hey guys... moving to SA this summer


Anyone ever get together?

We never did. I had some difficulty getting a unified way to contact people. I had some phone numbers, I had some emails, and I had some people I could only contact through here.

If there's still interest, I could setup a group, that would make organization a lot easier!