San Mateo / San Francisco?

Any local hands on groups of training in the SF Bay Area in 2012?

Newbie needing help...

You and me both man, I'm a total newbie also or I'd offer to help (I'm below San Jose by about 20 minutes).

I loved how before i bought this thing I looked at everyone sketches and they made sense, and when I go try something with mine I'm at a complete loss...

I wrote you to tell you that has an arduino meetup now, I haven't had the chance to go to it because I just bought my board yesterday but am going to check it out for help... Look at TechShop San Jose and it should be listed there under meetup.

  • Jason


I’m new to Arduino too, and live in Millbrae. Have you found any group in the Bay Area?
I’ve looked through meetup, but it doesnt look like they have an Arduino focused meetings (more general electronics…).