Sandstorm warning system using Arduino Uno

Hi, I am beginner in Arduino. I just want to this project bt I have not any code . I just say that ... Pl give a code for this project will be very grateful to you.

How much warning time will your design give?

How do you will dedect a sandstorm?
Do you have a sensor?
Do you have a online source to be used?

It will be detect 40 km/hrs or above given high and get buzzer

This project using a anemometer to detect the actual wind speed

Its a project to detect sandstrom using anemometer . whole set up Arduino Uno and detection of the wind speed display shows the actual wind speed and after a threshold wind speed(above 40km/hrs and above ) it's getting buzzer.

What is your position on learing how to code? Do you have a technical background?

For a sand storm, you ALSO need extremely low humidity!

@dassubhajit_9007 When is this assignment due to be handed in?

And perhaps you can tell us what type of anemometer you are using and what type of signal it gives so you can compute wind speed?

  • Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor – Adafruit (product ID: 1733)

As soon as possible . Remaining 3 days only.

If you don't have a link to the specifications of the device, at least tell us how you are going to use it and what the output signal gives you the wind speed. Please do a bit of work yourself.

How many input sensors do you have?
How the input data shall be processed?
What type of actuator shall be controlled?
What are the timing requirements of your project?
That are the main key questions to be answered before starting the basic design.

This is main project . Wind velocity measurement showing in display and using LEDs with alarm indicator.

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