Sanguino help

hello there

am a sanguino/avr newbie

im trying to use the Analog Pins for interfacing LM35 temperature sensor

the pins give random values for whatever Analog input

i uploaded the AnalogInSerial example for this purpose

the connections where same like the one instructed in arduino AnalogRead reference page

can anyone help me out?

I've been looking over the datasheet on this, but haven't found a definite answer to your question. I suggest looking at this thread as it may provide some useful information for you:

thanks flyboy..for ur response..

i have gone through that speaks about minus temperatures ... might be useful if i solve the following issue my problem is like the ADC in the sanguino board which even with a potentiometer shows random values

How do you have your potentiometer connected? You should have one end tied to ground, the other to +5V and the wiper should be tied to your analog input. Let's start there and work from that. I think once you have some confidence that you're reading what you expect to read, then you can move on to the sensor.

kishore, were you able to get your test up and running? Did you find the problem? Hope it is working now.