Sanguino help!!

Okay so i recently bought a ATmega644p from digikey, and it took me all day to try to get the bootloader on there, (i had an unplugged jumper wire! :( ) but now that i got it to work i hooked it up using a ftdi basic to it and i upload the code... it says it uploads just fine and its all fine and dandy, but when its done uploading the program doesnt run, none of the pins turn on or anything... im not sure if it's because the sanguino software is out of date for the arduino 0022 or because i did something else wrong?

i put the files in the arduino/hardware folder and uploaded the correct bootloader to the ATmega

can anyone please help?

error messages, logs, operating system...

otherwise my answer is 42.

windows 7, 64 bit

but there are no error messages, all i have done was set it up just as it says to on the sanguino website... the only thing is that i dont have a 10k resistor, but it said it shouldnt matter...

thats the thing... everything works perfectly. until i try to run the program...

should i try the arduino 0012? or is something else that im missing?

i downloaded the bootloader using another arduino as the isp,it said it burned it just fine.

Firstly I recommend to permanently enable verbose upload/build messages. It's not like they're annoying if everything works, but so much helpful it things go wrong. Then let's see what hints we shall get from that.

Add to 'preferences.txt'. On Windows this file should be somewhere in the user data folder, possibly hidden.


Sidenote: As it seems that the latest update to the sanguino core was done for arduino-0018, I'd start with that version. If it doesn't work with it, it's time to send the creators of that board an email.

I recently built a Sanguino. I've not had time to do much with it other than test it with a few of the stock 'example' sketches. What are you trying to upload? If using stock sketches for the Arduino you need to change pins and such.

EDIT: I am using the files provided by Sanguino folks with IDE 0022.

For example, the Blink sketch. The LED on pin 13 in the stock sketch needs to be changed to pin 0 on the sketch to use the red LED on the Sanguino...

Some code samples might be a good idea.

It ought to be a lot easier to use a Sanguino in version 0022 and later, because the core has been updated to support "many" CPU types (based on actual presence of peripheral definitions rather than chip names.) So there should probably be "new" instructions for Sanguino for the case when it is used with the 0022 IDE. Are there?

(what did I do with my Sanguino, anyway?)

EDIT: I am using the files provided by Sanguino folks with IDE 0022.

Well looking over the Sanguino web page it only states custom files tested to version 18 of the IDE. I would give them a email and ask if their current custom core files is fully compatible with version 22. I can't seem to find where I stored my 644P chip away,haven't used it sense version 12.


Have you take a look at ?

they have a bunch of bootloaders and arduino compatible code up to 0020 if I'm not wrong.

I made my sanguino(it's not a sanguino anymore hehe) works perfectly on 0020 using avr-developers arduino files.

I just built up this circuit with a bootloaded Sanguino chip, downloaded/unzipped/moved files around per the directions, added stuff to boards.txt for -0021 and was able to upload sketches via the Uno's USB port. Skyjumper has it now, programming with -0022, and he was even able to install an SD card shield on the UNO headers & it worked with 1 more connection, bringing a SS pin back to the shield - the other SPI pins were connected already via the ICSP or JTAG connectors. Rx & Tx are connected via the socket for programming via Serial (0). Serial1 goes out via RS232 driver & DB9 connector.