Sanity Check - Bridge Rectifier

just want to make sure i have the polarity of all the diodes correct...

i think there is something fundamentally wrong its going to be a Short because of the trace in the middle....

i think i have to move the trace from the bottom input to the middle of the 2 diodes in the middle

No, you need to bring out the left hand of the middle two diodes as one of the AC terminals, whereas you've brought out the top and bottom twice...

like so right?

yup, that looks more like it...

yeah i agree thanks.

If you look at the schematic diagram for a diode bridge rectifier that is drawn with the AC inputs at the top and bottom you will see that all of the diodes point in one direction. You will also see that there is a connection, either input or output, at each end of each diode. This information should help you in drawing/analyzing your pc board layout.


diode bridge.jpg

yes i have seen that and there is also a variation to that design

That's the same picture rotated 90 degrees...

yes i have seen that and there is also a variation to that design

But your diagram is not a variation to the design of the circuit, it is a variation of how the same circuit could be drawn. A schematic diagram, of which this diagram would be a part, should make the signal flow as easy to follow as possible. That almost always means flow from left to right. Any unnecessary flow in the other direction, even if not incorrect, just obfuscates* things.


  • To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand. (Like the use of the word obfuscate)