Santa's reindeer

Christmas eve I soldered 5 wires on to a 9 way D connector. Checked them; they were correct.

Christmas day morning I plugged the connector in and tried my circuit; it didn't work.

After some investigation I found the wires were in the reverse order to what they should have been. There are 2 possible explanations:

  • I soldered them on in the wrong order
  • One of Santa's reindeer swapped the wires round while Santa was delivering my presents

Obviously one one of these makes any sense and as I know I put the wires in the right order it must be the other one. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, you can believe what you like!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day :slight_smile:

That's very reassuring. Those reindeer have been playing with my stuff several times - and not just at Christmas.

It's good to know the reason - I was worried that it was old age and senility.


They do play reindeer games.

That red nose gets hot, hot enough to melt solder.

Never mind your wiring problems, that can be cured in very little time.

No, what irks me is that Santa himself drinks all my beer! - I awake in the morning and mysteriously there are all these empty bottles and cans scattered about the house! - How bad is that? ????

Next time hold the connector the other way so you insert the wires backward and those reindeer will set em straight for you.

But I don't think it was the reindeer since they stay parked on the roof. It was the Elves what done it, and real quick too.