Sanyo Denki Stepper

Hi There,

Just thought I would share a bit of info that may help.

I have a Sanyo Denki stepper motor, type 103-550-0146, which I wanted to try in a project but it did not seem to operate as it should in that when I connected it to the shield in a conventional configuration all the motor did was oscillate back and forth at what I assume to be the stepper angle of 1.8 deg.

I had connected it to the shield according to the wire colour code as seen in other Arduino projects i.e. Blue Yellow Red Orange.
I manage to get it working as I believe it should by switching two wires so now the order is, Blue Orange Red Yellow.

I assumed the colour code was universal, but maybe not?

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The colours of the wires are meaningless unless you have a datasheet for a specific motor that specifies the colours. You should always measure the coil resistance with your multimeter to ensure you know which wires belong to each coil.

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