sas protocol communication problem

Hello, i need to get some readings from igt slot machines which use igt sas protocol for communication. In most cases there is a dedicated device called SMIB (slot machine interface board), which polls the machine with sets of commands defined by sas protocol (look here for more information: and depending of the management software connects that machine to a network. Reading which I need are three meter readings which I then translate to a number of impulses for further PLC aquisition.

There is where problems start!

The SAS communication is a serial type communication (RS-232) between the EGM (Electronic Gaming Machine) and a SAS-host. The setup is

speed: 19.2 KBaud operating in a wake-up mode

Total number of bits: 11

The composition of those 11 bits are as follow (0-based):

B0: Start bit

B1 to B8: Data bits

B9: Wake-up bit

B10: Stop bit

The host sets the wake-up bit every time it sends the first byte of a message to the gaming machine in this wake-up mode. All the remaining bytes in the message has the wakeup bit cleared. The purpose of all this stupid wakeup bit stuff is so that the gaming machine knows whether it is the first byte of a message or the remaining bytes of the same message.

For now I have no success with this, I read somewhere that you need to disconnect after first byte, then reconnect with different settings for the serial port. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, I would appreciate at least some hints if help is too much trouble. Regards!

Hi! Have you found out how to connect and succesfully communicate with an EGM?

I am interested if you have found any solution with arduino .