satellite communication

Hello i want to do a project with satellite communication and i search for a shield that can send and receive messages via satellite communication. do u know some shield the i do not need to pay monthly pay ?
i want to make a gps tracker that will work all over the world includes area without gsm signal.

It costs quite a bit of money to put satellites in orbit, so if you want to use communications satellites, expect to pay.

Packet store and forward system may work.

The ameteur radio fraternity have a no.of satellites in LEO.


i tell u what i want to do gps tracker with emergency bottom that work all over the world includes places without cellular signal. do u have some ideas how to do it?

Not possible if you want to do it for free.
Iridium have a global satellite phone system that works anywhere and handles voice and data.
Its anything but cheap though.

Go to a ships chandler and buy an emergency satellite beacon ?