Save Binary File to AT45-Dataflash

Hi Guys,

I’m pretty new to the Arduino…

I try to write a binary file onto an AT45DB041.

I managed to get the connection between Ardunio <-> Dataflash using the Dataflash-Library, also the example-code runs fine. Now I’m stuck, I don’t know what the best practice for this - I assume I have to write an Arduino-“Listener”, and a Processing-“Sender”.

My binary is not the full 4Mbit, but about 3Mbit big - and it’s binary, not text!

Is thery any code/examples out there to load the file on the PC, and send it to the Dataflash connected to the Arduino, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel? (I don’t know processing at all at the moment)

Any help is greatly appreciated.



I don't know processing at all at the moment

Even without knowing Processing, you should be able to look at the examples. There are examples of reading files. There are examples of sending data to the Arduino via the serial port.

It's not that difficult to mash two examples together that read from a file and write to the serial port.

and it's binary, not text!

You say that like one bit stream not being the same as another bit stream matters in the slightest.

My binary is not the full 4Mbit, but about 3Mbit big

Again, so what? As long as it fits on the destination, whether there is 1 byte left after writing to the device, or 3,999,999 matters not.

Again, so what?

Sorry that I gave to much information about my data - I will omit this in future questions, if there are any!

It's solved now anyways, thanks.

Sorry that I gave to much information about my data

Perhaps I was a bit short in my answers. I apologize for that.

All I meant was that binary vs. text was not a factor. Only people make a distinction between bytes that contain values in the ASCII table that correspond to letters that make sense when displayed in consecutive order and bytes that do not. The PC, Arduino, and SD card do not.

Size is not a factor, except that it influences how long it takes to transfer data.

In general, too much information is better than not enough. I would hate for you to get the impression that I thought you were doing something wrong by posting all that you did.