Save data and print bill for pos?

Hi All,

I am new to Arduino.I have developed pos in dot net.I know all the programming languages.But the problem is i don't no how to save the data like database and print the data.Any one just give me a idea.

Where does the use of an Arduino come into this ?

An arduino does not have a disk drive or any other mass storage. If you want to save data, then you will have to read that data off it.

The simplest option is to have the arduino send data to the serial port and to use C# (if you must) on a computer to read it.

A more avanced option is to use an ethernet "shield" to connect the arduino to your local network, and to send the data to something - probably by doing an HTTP "POST" to a webserver somewhere.

I have developed pos in dot net

It's not running on an Arduino.