save feature?

I am using the basis Uno controller along with the common tactile switches (normally open).
Included is the relay board of which will enable & disable when the proper tactile switch is pressed; the function is toggle.

Would it be possible to have a "saved last state" so when the Uno is turned "off" and then turned "on" the last settings of the relays will return automatically?

I am not very versatile with the Uno, in the past I have reviewed the Prop2 which uses p-basic.

A simple example will be sufficient if applicable.

Thank you in advance.

Checkout the EEProm functions.

A simple example will be sufficient if applicable.

The above would mean a short example of code regarding the Uno.


Or, you could check the reference section on EEProm yourself and read the examples that had already been posted if you had chosen to do a search.

There's this wonderful tab at the top of the screen labelled "LEARNING", try it. Under that is a tab called "REFERENCE" holy crap theres good info there. And then there's something under the EEProm Library section. Dang.... that search bar in the top right would be kind of helpful too.