Save on Exit in Arduino 0017


I noticed an inconvenience in IDE 0017. When I make changes and exit the IDE, it asks me whether to save a file. If I choose Save, it saves nothing. I must choose Cancel, manually save the file and then exit.

This has been reported. The problem only occurs when you start the IDE, open a sketch, which opens another window, close the original window, and then close the second window and accept the 2nd window's offer to save the file for you.

If you leave the first window open (minimized is fine), the problem does not occur.

If I remember correctly, the problem is supposed to be fixed in version 18.

This problem occurs also when you starts an IDE using a file association. You have just one original window with your sketch inside it and you will lost your work unless you have saved it before you decide to exit the IDE.

The problem only occurs . . .


A simple way to loose your work is to edit your sketch, and click the X. When it asks to save, say YES, then close the IDE or open another sketch. At least this is the case in Windows.

As most of these error patterns have been reported, I also expect that they will be fixed in 0018.