Save Servo Position on EEPROM

Hi, i made a program to move servos whit android, it works well, but now i want to save sequences of movements, for example, move servo 1 to 180°, move servo 2 to 100°, etc. only using the android phone, i have a idea but i dont know if it is good, this is the code to do the movements in manual form:

The EEPROM.write() writes only a byte.

But since a byte is 0...255 and the servo position is 0...180 it is okay.

Have you considered using a case statement ?

if (Serial.available() > 0) {          
  data =;

switch (data) {
case 'X':
case 'x':
  EEPROM.write( 1, servo1 position);
  EEPROM.write( 2, servo2 position);         
case 'Y':
case 'y':
  pos1 =;
  pos2 =;