Save year month day time to SD card

Hi all i would like to asking for a bit help i have a arduino Nano v3 and a SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader For Arduino ARM MCU iam i would like to make a project where i push a buton at that time the Nano save the date and time to sd card in a txt file iam searched a lot for that but i did not find or what + item i need for make that ? any1 any idia ?

Hello and welcome,

You know how to write text in a file on the SD card? You know how to wire and use a button? If not, there are tons of examples.

To get the current time there are some solutions... the easiest (in my opinion) is to use a breakout board like the JY MCU DS3231 (search google).

Then writing the time to the SD card would be trivial...

You will almost never find code that does exactly what you want, it's to you to combine/modify examples to make it work like you want.

Hello Implement the lib from to get a propper second.